Let’s pick a new morning routine

Good morning!

Yes, it-is-Friday. This week, I wish myself an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. The other option might be to learn to work more focused during the week, so that I can find more time for everything interesting during the week as well. So, probably I need to create some new work-related habits.

One non-work related habit I could not imagine to change any more is absolutely morning sport. I occasionally hit the road, but mostly the gym to lift weights, or like today, to do a pilatess class.. There are several reasons:

  • Basically empty gym compared to evenings/weekends
  • Easier to plan with own nutrition – no hunger or lack of energy
  • Great kick-start for the day which wakes me up
  • Sense of accomplishment and “even though I love it, it is done”
  • Easier to find time: For me it is morning or never
  • It is a habit

I realized the latest, when I basically had planned a “gym free morning” for myself but still felt like doing physically something to wake up. Yes, dragging yourself out of bed can be a pain, but once done… There is the whole world full of opportunities waiting!

I think it is inspiring to read about other people’s habits, and very often I end up finding out focused have developed certain rituals for their mornings which they stick to. Today I just read from the Business Insider how chef Jeffrey Zurofsky has structured his mornings.

I see we share something: Training in the morning, structuring the following day’s to-do list the night before. What I could learn from him? The two hours of uninterupted work time in the mornings. Sounds maybe in your dreams -like of situation, but, working 30 minutes before opening e-mails should be managable for me as well. Let’s try that for a week, starting today.