How to: Get a sixpack (exercises)

When I wrote about how to get a six pack, I hopefully putted it clear enough, that there are no specific magic exercises which will pop up your abs no matter what. Still, you will see some non-magical ones today!

Picture Wikimedia Commons

When speaking about increasing the volume of the abbs, there are two things people tend to forget:

One: Abs are muscles like all the other muscles. If you want to increase their volume, you need to train them with heavy weights and give them rest inbetween.

Two: If you do “proper gym training”, meaning lifting free weights which normally includes exercises like squats, deadlifts and rowing, you train your core already a lot.

What this means?

  • Pick exercises, where you can add weights. Go heavy. At the same time, be carefull with your: You can actually ruin your back.
  • Do 3-4 sets per exercise with max 12 reps per set.
  • 1000 crunches per day won’t help.
  • Also being just skinny doesn’t help: if the muscles are too small, no one can see them no matter how low body fat.
  • If the abs are easy to get visible depends also on your genetics.
  • Remember rest days. Muscles grow when they rest.

Exercises – My personal favorites

Then the truly entertaining part: Records about this morning’s exercising! This was actually not planned when waking up, so next time: Styling, not the crappiest gym clothes, make up, proper screenwriting, camera man or woman, editor… Maybe an assistant and catering as well?

For the first exercise I use the bench pictured above. For the actual exercise (I of course filmed just a super short snap of it) I use 10 kg weight and aim doing 10 reps. Right after that I do 10 reps with 5 kg and finalize with 10 reps without weights, total 4 sets (yes, actually with 30 reps so I am kind of breaking the rules I just told you). Anyways, this exercise is extremely hard.

This second exercise I did in the rack where you normally see people doing dips. The point is to first rise straight legs, after that just your knees. Normally I do 12 reps each, again four sets. To be quite honest, I could rise the knees a bit more than I do.

If you want to do short and effective abs workout, I can only recommend these two – have fun trying!