The perfect gym playlist

I think everyone’s not-so-secret weapon for the rocking morning gym sessions is music. Honestly, for me my iPhone, headphones and Spotify Premium -subscription are much more essential gym accessories than the perfect shoes or the just right cutten tank top.

When needed (=every morning) I get the extra charge and kick for my training from my slowly and with deep thoughts collected gym playlist.

Some songs have ended up to it because of catchy melody to match warm-up, some have the perfect rythm for HIIT, and some are so damn heavy that 100 kg weights feels like nothing compared to their sound. Some are perfect for the push ups – dips -combos when you want to force yourself to do some more.

Here are some of my gems, after seeing them, maybe you get an idea how to find yours!

Alicia Keyes: Girl on Fire

Oh, she got both feet on the ground
And she’s burning it down
Oh, she got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down

Warm-up, just to wake up slowly and to be on the good mood!

American Authors: Best Day of My Life – Gazzo Remix

I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds

Perfect High Intense Interval Training music, especially for the jumping sessions (yes, touch the clouds, or the ceiling at least!)

Eminem: Survival

I must be allergic to failure cause every time I come close to it
I just sneeze, but I just go achoo then achieve!

Without going to the details how trashy and non-political-correct Eminem is: This is The Perfect repeat-repeat-repeat-repeat -until it is over song, so for past year for the push ups and dips. When tired, just listen to the lyrics (like It ain’t over ’til I say it’s over – enough when I say enough) and kick your own ass.

Stam1na: Kadonneet kolme sanaa


This gem has been on my gym playlist for… Five years? I recommend it though only for Finnish people, because… Not because the lyrics are in Finnish, but because the song is so sad that probably no one from any other nationality can handle the amount of sadness. Name of the song is The lost three words and the above lyrics say something like “I hate you human // The lost three words // It was about the time to change the direction”. So yes, it is very very depressive, but while listening to this, you can do the 100 kg deadlifts or 180 kg legpresses or whatever.

Elastinen: Naurava Kulkuri – Gambler’s Guitar

Ilo irti mistä ikin lähtee sata prossaa mitä ikinä teen Vähempäänkään en tyydy ja tää hymy, se ei hyydy! Lasken laukkuni, mutta ihan hetkeksi tie vie se on refleksi Kuljettuna joka pitäjää tunne en mä koti-ikävää Hima siel missä hattuni on

This “known from TV” -song remaked by a Finnish rapper Elastinen is the perfect end for any training session. “Take the happiness out of from wherever you can // hundert percent whaever I do // I do not settle for less and this smile will stick on! // I lay my luggage, but just for a while // …. // My home is where I lay my hat”

For running I am not quite that picky with the music: Then I often listen to Spotify’s ready play lists. My current absolute favorite is Nike Running Tempo Mix which you find here.

Happy training, and please let me know your recommendations!