5 places for great coffee moments in London


I love my coffee. There are no many other as good every day indulgences as a good cup of coffee. Add a nice location, interesting athmosphere and the experience is elevated to all new hights.
I am not writing this post to recommend you the best cups of coffee in London, but to show what a great variety of excellent locations there are. And, why changing place gives you a whole new perspective.


Comptoir Cafe & Wine, Mayfair

Last July I escaped a dull seminar after party. Too many men, too many people trying to sell something. Free booze is not the trick to keep me in, so byeeeeee it was. 5.30 pm, Mayfair. No point to return to the office, technically still time to work. I was planning to head to Deliciously Ella’s deli, grab a smoothie, turn to my notebook and spend a moment reflecting how to apply what I had just learned.

Then I saw three tables on the pavement, just two chairs behind each, and knew I found what I actually wanted.

I spent a magnificient 45 minutes in the sunshine. Savoring the coffee, refreshed by sparkling water. Being present, writing pages to the notebook, and in general enjoying the moment. There was another lady from the seminar by the table next to me. Sunglasses on, we smiled to each other, like having a secret to share.

Drury 188-189, Soho

Another pleasurable coincidence. My friend visiting the town had trouble with her train out of London. So she decided to stay. Hungry as she was, her packed breakfast not sounding that good any more, I offered to join her for a breakfast. ‘No idea where, but I’m sure there is something in Soho’. The recommendation I had spotted at Tripadvisor looked disappointing, but we saw Drury almost next to it.

Huge, soft leather sofas, enormous piles of books, very good coffee and delicious snacks made as happy and kept us there for a good hour (or two…) and two large capuccinos. At that time Drury had just opened, and the owner came to say thanks for my tagged Instagram post.

Drury has such a cozy, inviting vibe, that I have later returned several times just to read, sketch and enjoy their delicious pasteis de natas.

Artisan Coffee, Chiswick

When I visited Artisan Coffee for the first time, I almost bursted into tears from happiness (drama, drama, drama, I know) – their coffee is from The Barn, Berlin. Now you maybe understand. But, let me tell you – The Barn was my closest coffee shop during my last year in Berlin, so it was My Coffee Shop. Finding their coffee in London felt like it was meant to be.

Artisan is a good destination for excellent coffee and to see some ‘real London everyday life’. Go with the V60, of course. And buy some coffee with you to take home. They’ll grind it for you.

Chiltern Firehouse, Marylebone

A slightly suprising athmosphere for a 5 star hotel – this feels, and especially smells, like at my grandparents. You will get plenty of space for yourself on a Sunday morning, and you can sit by the fire. Good spot for diary writing.

Cafe Phillies, Kensington (right next to Holland Park)

Another gem. Be prepared to wait for a table, or sit outside in the winter. The heating lamps and blankets provided make you actually cosy, most people just won’t realize that and stand in line for some time.

Excellent for people watching (listen to that Received Pronounciation) and Eggs Royale. I love it how the owner/person in charge always comes to personally check everyone is served and everything is good.

I’d love to hear what you have found – there is always more!