People to watch: Caroline De Maigret

Some people are inspiring. They seem manage to get more things done than the others, be very good at something, know everyone (important at least), enjoy their lives and look amazing at the same time, all this totally effortlessy. I call these people my discoveries.

When I discover someone, she or he seems to be suddenly everywhere. I mean, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e from internet to magazine covers and advertisements. Yes, I know one’s observations are biazed, but in case you have not yet discovered her: Let me present Caroline De Maigret.

I would not swap lifes with my discoveries, but I definitely feel they are inspiring and teach me something about the world just by existing. That’s my feelings towards this “eternal-cool, Parisian IT-girl, face of fashion, Chanel-muse” Caroline De Maigret. She is a Chanel-model who studied literature in Sorbonne, a music producer, mother, and an author, at least a co-author of one of my autumn favorites.

How to be Parisian wherever you are – Love, style and bad habits was definitely my autumn 2014 favorite just-to-enjoy-read. De Maigret is one of the bunch of friend, who wrote the book, and whose witty humour and cool notes really make you (at least) smile. This is a circle of friend I would love to have a dinner with as soon as my French is perfect: Anne Berest is author and writer for TV, Audrey Driwar is a scriptwriter and editor and Sophie Mas produces films. Would note to my bucket list “Write a book, which has a signing event at Colette” if I just would know where my bucket list is saved.

De Maigret has clearly taken the lead being the face of the book. And nothing wrong with that: She rocks in a bohemian, androgyn way while she drops cool ideas like “embrance your snobbyism” (yes, I can relate to this).

De Maigret and How to be Parisian manages to explain the obvious about life: Find who you are, make things look easy, and no, they are not always easy, but you should please at least yourself. It is ok to be imperfect, but you do not need to shout it around. She encourages to accept imperfections but to always DO your best. And her career advice kicks ass: “Work any job as if it was the most important one of your career.” When she was asked to name one natural talent she wished she had, the answer just explained it all: “Well, I believe in work rather than natural talent.”


Check how to be a Parisian:

And for you, who are never intending to read the book, here a nice summary:

The funniest and most describing description of the book on internet on intothegloss.

Ps. Probably the best place on earth, or at least in Berlin, to read this book is – excluding bathtube with a glass of champaign –  Café Du Bonheur. I recommend their anything, but especially caramel macarons. And, if you dont (yet) trust me, check what Stil in Berlin has to say about that place’s baked goods.