Always stay curious – weekend highlights

First thanks for the encouraging one-to-one feedback! We get soonish to the working out and eating topics, but at this point… To be fitter for life, get fitter mentally as well.

To be quite honest: For this weekend I had plans with Netflix, possibly HBO, a couple of quality magazines, my Kindle and a pile of books. But then offline, outside my apartment -life happened.

Inspired by everything new I have discovered during only one weekend, I made a new monthly to-do list I would love to share with you.

So, from now on, every month in 2015 I will and encourage everyone to:

1. Visit a new café/bar/restaurant

Too often I end up to my small circles: Old favorites are secure and comforting, but rarely widen one’s horizons. This weekend I discovered with my friends Liquid Garden close to my old hoods in Prenzlauer Berg. Oh yesh, green smoothies are here! Read more auf Deutsch or in English. Fitted perfectly to everyone’s fit January plans. We enjoyed athmosphere, decor, music, each other’s company and of course the smoothies as well. Mental take away: Go wild with green smoothie fixing!

2. Read a book from an author, who is new for you, or a magazine, which is new for you.

Reading is, let’s say, is in a way a very time consuming hobby, but very rewarding. This weekend I have been going through Jorge Luis Borge’s Labyrinths. This book manages to keep its readers humble. And blow one’s mind.

During a late-night googeling session I also stumbled upon this WikiHow article about how to be well read. Tiny simple article reminded me about all the unread books, which would help to understand the world at least a tiny bit better.

3. Visit a museum/exhibition

Saturday afternoon and curious step into a small gallery; I still have those paintings in my mind. Then, Sunday morning was well-spent at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin’s museum for modern art. Take away: Art wakes you up, rises questions, makes you shiver. And those gallery book stores make me crazy happy. The chance to see the variety of books about design, art, architecture and everything not-so-my-every-day related reminds me about all the chances in life which are out there. One should never say “then, when…”, but: Then, when I have a big apartment with many many coffee tables, there will be a collection of beautiful art books.

4. Cook something new

Because something as simple as a morning, lunch and snack porridge prepared in a new way can make a difference to your day. Some day, I will present you porridge in four different ways.

5. Find new, inspiring people

Read their interviews, meet them. Find out how many ways there are to make a difference and to be an awesome person. Combine 1, 2 and 5 and read an interesting person’s biography in a cozy book café like Shakespeare and Sons in Prenzlauer Berg. Take away: for Kindle is never as reading-inspiring as a physical store with well-selected books.

6. Check how your past month was regarding these and life in general.

Go to a café, stay in your bed, open the notebook and do not check your phone and computer for a while. See what you write. Ask how you are. Magic.

All in all… Curiosity is encouraged by discovering new things

Why do I want to push myself to new things? Because… Keep doing the stuff you have always done and you get the stuff you have always gotten. Simple as that. When just repeating every day routines, especially with the every day content, one’s world gets smaller and smaller. And soon one has killed his or her curiosity. And without curiosity, there is no chance to get fitter, in any way.