Fitter with food – why all the hustle and all the following posts

Why, why, why to think and talk so much about food? Does everyone just want to get fit and looking as a bikini fitness competitor, Victoria’s Secret angel or is there something deeper behind?

For me, definitely.

That is why the following month I will write many, many, many times about food, “diet”, forming good habits, eating according to your goals, finding the right times, right foods and right foodtrends for you.

Often the first step on one’s food jorney is to get rid of some weight, meaning being focused on superficial motivators. But, when one is swapping to cleaner, healthier food, one often notice also other benefits: Better digestion, better skin, much more energy, better focus, not being sick so often, general feeling good. At that point, it feels steps for the better: When eating better, feeling better. Now it is easily the other way round: When eating and feeling good most of the time, the contrast to the eating bad – feeling bad moments is very dramatic.

Goals are not any more just superficial or even easy to measure (“-5 cm around waistline” -typ). The good thing is, that when one has healthy habits, having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean self-dicipline and saying no, because habits good habits are as easy to stick to as bad habits.

At the moment fitness, or let’s say feeling good -enthusiast are talking more and more nutritious dense -foods. Eating mostly chicken and dairy is not any more seen as the way to get or stay fit and healthy, but a balanced, very vitamin-mineral-nutritious way of eating has been related to general awesomeness.

And, that is why I am still trialling (and sometimes, erroring) related to food. I do not want to waste any opportunity because of bad daily food decissions. I want to keep fit meaning staing healthy, feeling great, being focused, if possible even becoming smarter, and looking good would absolutely not harm. Better nutrition, better and happier life. I guess that is what everyone is actually up to.