Let’s make it complicated – why you can see problems with all food religions

Yesterday I pointed out that there are many many different views to healthy nutrition. Copy-pasting a religion-like ready plan might sound easy, but often there are reasons food trend are just trends and disappear as fast as we become aware of them.

Let’s check what I see problematic with some of these concepts.

Wanted to be vegan, ended up hungry – not cool
  • Low fat – this was “the way” to eat healthy for at least a decade, but most of us have hopefully learned, that fat is not bad. It does not only often result to high-in-sugar -product consumption, but fats are also essential for healthy, functioning body. Especially female body needs a sufficient amount of healthy fats to ensure the hormonal functions. Hormones and how nutrition affect them are absolutely worth an own post.
  • Low calories – calory is a calory, but actually it isn’t… When concentrating on only calories, the food we eat might actually be “empty” in nutritiens. Also, being hungry rarely works for a long time period.
  • Low carbs – ban wheat, potatoes, rice, even sweet potatoes and carrots… This seems to work for some, but… Especially if you are training, you need your carbs. There are also other reasons why I am not a huge fan of this religion: It often contains lots of animal-based proteins and in my opinion expensive ingredients.
  • Low in chemicals – no added this and that, only “clean” food, few E-codes. In general I support, but on the other hand, I think Coke Zero every now and then won’t kill. Bodies can handle toxics in small amounts.
  • Lots of fats – often related to low carb. I would say this is the trend right now. Eat lots of avocados, nuts and salmon, and you will feel full whatever else you eat. They also say high-fat diet helps actually burning fat.
  • Paloe – eat like a caveman! Works for many, I have heard, what I don’t fancy here is the big amount of animal protein sources.
  • Lots of greens – no one probably can negotiate against this, unless we include fruits to greens. Fruits, sugar, does not work for everyone.
  • Lots of protein – classic “fitness” diet, 2-2,5 g of protein per kg of bodyweight. It is assumed, that this kind of diet can be rather heavy for kidney long term, and also often includes lots of animal-based protein which can be controversial from the ecological perspective.
  • Vegan – to be honest… I would love to eat more vegan. I have tried. But, I am hungry all-the-time and have crazy carb cravings in the evenings, and worry a bit about protein intake.
  • No red meat – because it is… From animals, somehow not good.
  • No dairy – the thing especially in the states. I would say also trend-setting Nordic fitness girls are surfing this trend, but Germany is coming far after and is first getting into eating quark -mood
  • No glutein – trendy, trendy, trendy, even though no one seems to know what glutein is. I eat accidentally 90% time like this.
  • No white wheat – In this I believe – in white wheat there is actually nothing we need, expect delicious taste every now and then.
  • No sugar – in this one I trust.
Fish for lunch – perfect!

So, problems, problems, problems everywhere you look with the ready-made trendy plans… Tomorrow, let’s see where we can get some food inspiration and what do I for example actually eat.