Lovely timewaster and valuable inspiration source – case Pinterest

Do you know Pinterest? If not, great. You probably have done something more productive on Sunday mornings than been pinning around the internet. Sometimes I have started pinning before morning run and noticed 45 minutes later that I would actually be ready with the running if I would have gone when I initially planned to. But, now I have drawn out something good about my Sunday guiltu pleasure.

When I first realized, I had the chance to decorate the flat just as I wished – within my own budget, of course – I was almost scared, but well, then… What a chance! I opened Pinterest, opened my home decor and future home – themed boards and dadaa, I remembered within seconds what kind of style and athmosphere I actually wanted to create to my first apartment.

The same strategy seems to work perfectly with new clothes (some months I pinned just black outfits, recently lots of biiiig airy skirts…), career choices and general life vision. Yes, I’m currently jumping out of the bed each morning.

Maybe taking time for just freely note down what one likes is actually life planning.