Why I chose to feel white, fluffy, small and lashless

New city, new gym. As I wrote, saying bye to my second home in Berlin wasn’t easy, so the standard was set high. And where I landed: As you see from the instagram-screenshot, somewhere in the middle of monsters (no offence!). Stockholm’s gym scene description would be very much worth a serio of posts – here you find absolutely everything! The fancy ones for those who make up before training, cheap ones for anyone on tight budget and won’t mind little chaos or almost bumbing to other trainers, cross fit -ones for those who love nasty workouts and like someone shouting to them, and.. Wait a second, do I have to fit myself into one box? How am I supposed to do that? When I had to figure out what gym type I am, I suddenly felt like I should have chosen if I am square, round or triangle – and cleraly I am none of those. Luckily, my apartment is located close to Delta Gym which I would categorize to one of the very serious gyms. And no, actually I did not categorize myself like that, but there I am, messing with the best or whatever. This means, that I nowadays manage easily feel while training at the same time very small, very fatty, very white and very lashless (Is this a word? Anyways, this is what a girl in the middle of lots of lash extensions feels like). But, in the end.. This seems to be the most motivating environment ever! Here‘s why: 

  • Other girls at the gym, actually lifting weights. Not feeling like an oddball any more
  • Always friendly personnel
  • Everyone concentrating on their training (at least when not taking pictures of themselves or asking others to take pictures of themselves – been there, done that, now it feels almost as essential part as warm up)
  • No one offended if they hear me sayin a little phuuuuh when squatting with over my own weight (still possible!)
  • Can find (almost) every machine I need
  • Once I was the only person without a personal trainer on the gym. This people take their weights very, very heavy.

Despite of the little bit mixed feelings in the end (yes, the being so white etc…), I actually got somehow very attached to this place. Despite of the bad opening times (first 7.00 in the mornings, summer time only until 19.30 in the evenings) I decided that this is it for me for Stockholm. I can accept feeling small, white and whatever as long as I can feel the motivation radiating around. And, I can any time check who was with me there from Instagram. Yey!