Binging on TED

Sunday, what a lovely day to binge-watch TED-talks! In case you don’t know TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) – it is actually a conference gathering world’s bests in (almost) anything to share they knowledge in easily-digestable form. Attending the conferences costs a s**t load of money (maybe something to add to the bucket list?) but the recordings are available for free.

I just remembered again how great they are, here’s why:

  • I find always something new and interesting – how brain works, crime stuff, etc etc
  • They are often not just great information about the topic, but a mini-lecture about presenting
  • They are short, just 10-20 minutes
  • In general, they just make me remember what a lot of knowledge there is out there.

In case you can’t make the time today to check them out, here a very short summary of my today’s watch list.

The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed

Timing, timing, timing – and this does not always mean being first. For example AirBnB’s idea was first judged as “unrealistic, as no one would open their home doors for people who they do not even know”. AirBnB become though a success story thanks to the recession: it entered the market during the time, when people were willing to earn extra money. Same goes to Uber – drivers were willing to registrate with hopes earning more.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You are

So, stand tall.

Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

Fashion picture is not a picture of the model – It is a creation of make up artists, hair stylists and many, many more.

How reliable is your memory?

It is not reliable, actually, not at all. Must-watch, at least if you have not red Kahneman’s Thinking, fast and slow.

The why and how of effective altruism

If you want to make world a better place, work work work and give money to charity.

Wanna start watching? Just click to the first page and choose whatever looks interesting, or browse by topics. Of course you can also download the app and download just the audio’s to listen in podcast form.