Accidentally 90% vegan

Some go vegan because of animals, some because of the environment. Some think about their health, some think they can lose weight, have a clear mind, or lighter feeling.

I just found the taste of dairy products in UK disgusting. And feel  sorry for the chicken.

After accidentally eating some weeks mostly vegan I noted more benefits: Smaller grocery bills and better skin. I had no more need to cook just to use that meat I bought two days ago. So I just continued to not stop by eggs and chicken, my previous staples.

I am not planning to cut all animal products from my menu (or closet), but if I kill just one chicken a month instead of ten, isn’t that progress? I don’t mind that better skin either…

What do I eat now

Quinoa. Porridge, on and on. Lentils. Chick peas. Tofu, maybe twice a weak. Quorn. Sweet potatoes. Kale, spinach, broccoli, nuts, hemp protein powder, so all that hippy stuff. B12 supplement, just-in-case I keep eating like this for a longer period of time.


How do I cook

One of my favorite sites to browse for inspiration is Deliciously Ella’s main courses-listing. I have ended up to cook Chickpea, Quinoa and Tumeric curry over and over again, as different versions.

The picture shows my non-tumeric, sweet potato, non-tomatoe and tweaked with peas -version.

You can substitute minced meat with quorn, chicken with tofu. Sometimes I top rye bread with pesto and soft (silken) tofu. Lentil soup I have been eating… A lot, often with onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Another favorite is a soup with sweet potatoes, butter squash and chick peas.

Other observations

When eating just vegan, I have to eat… Quite a lot. But that has never been a problem, hah. Having enough fat is the key to feel full, again.

Seasoning is extremely important, and my spice collection is growing.

Eating enough protein is a challenge indeed, at least for someone who considered 2g/body weight kg to be a good standard. I am far from that, actually I have to pay attention to get even to half of that. So far no harm done, so let the experiment continue.