8 reasons why I enjoy reading fiction – and why you might as well

When did you read fiction the last time?

Last week I finished my first novel for a very long time. Now I mean a novel, which I read just for fun, not to learn something, not to get into something, not to inform myself.

There used to be years I read well above 80, even 100 novels per year – chick lit, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, classics, you name it. Then the famous “life happened”. Moving abroad, working a lot, working out a lot, wasting time in internet, having a vibrant social life.. I felt like I had no time for reading, but somehow I knew all that was just excuses; actually I just was not any more in the habit of reading. Still, every time I grapped a book and managed to read 15 minutes straigt, I felt happy.

Reading is a simple every day pleasure, no matter what.

When I realized how much I actually enjoy reading, I decided to make more time for it, mainly by decreasing random internet surfing.

  1. There are always books available, even for free. Check library, facebook book give-aways, google Project Gutenberg, Amazon’s free selection of books…
  2. Live someone else’s life for a while – get new viewpoints
  3. Relax, decompress, there is a maximum amount of decompression you can do through sports..
  4. Reading a whole book during one day feels like a mini-vacation.
  5. Aquire knowledge, fiction or not
  6. Enhance or keep up your language skills
  7. Make use of your time while waiting or travelling
  8. Reading in bed gives a better sleep – actually often so quick, that I hardly can proceed more than two pages.