Lululemon’s marketing tactic: win-win-win?

Part of Lululemon’s success is due to its capability to create micro communities. The Canadian retailer run its first global advertising campaign as late as 2017. It has gotten its share of visibility ‘thanks to’ its founder’s direct response to sheer-through leggings. After that, official ambassadors and non-official enthusiast have been spreading the joy of skin-feely leggings and tops suitable to lazy Sundays and sweaty yoga sessions alike.

Part of this plan are the Sunday yoga sessions in their stores around London. During the summer, anyone was able to enjoy the seemingly exclusive but actually free and open-for-everyone sessions outside, at Dude of York Square, just in front of Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea.

What would be more amazing than doing yoga in a park, feeling the grass under your feet, seeing lush green everywhere and letting the morning sunshine warm you up during the smooth flows?

Lululemon is not the only one benefitting – simultaneously, it gives local studios and instructors a chance to showcase their talent and attract new customers. If instructors get paid or not for these classes is unknown to me.

Either way, the deal is very sweet for anyone popping by. No reservation needed, no fees, not over packed atmosphere of a studio with walls. On the other hand – you never know what you encounter. More about that later.