Which one are you: “Be happy with what you have” or “Go and get what you want?”

Which happines -mantra do you choose: The “Be happy with what you have” or the “Go and get what you want?” Let’s see.

Be happy with what you want:

Maybe you also think that:

  • Happiness is a choice
  • Appreciate what you have
  • The small things in life are important
  • Do more what you love

Go and get what you want:

Maybe you also think that:

  • No pain, no gain
  • Everyone can become just what they want
  • Life without a goal is wasted
  • Work hard keeping eyes in your goal and the success will follow
  • You are what you settle for.

Why bother to think anything related to this?

Why do I think it is somehow beneficial to reflect your own attitude? Because I think that if you are too fixed into one party, you might either not reach high enought to be actually happy or you run through your life assuming the happiness coming with “when, then” attitude.

I love number two’s attitude to make you your life’s own pilot, curator, CEO… Because that is what you truly are! No one else is taking charge of your life than you, and often you get what you accept or what you ask for.

On the other hand, it is for sure beneficial to be able to enjoy also the little things of life. At least, every now and then – yes, I think ideal life is also somehow fun every day.

Why I am so convinced about my attitude? I had last autumn an awesome two-and-half week surfing vacation at Bali. I did many many things I truly enjoy: Surfed, read, wrote, went to massages. After the third massage I felt like ready. Ready for challenges, ready for something that brings me forward.

After that I accepted, that I can never be happy with “just the small things”. And it is ok.