6 newsletters you want to subscribe to

If you are a human, you probably have one. If you are a working professional, you probably spend loads of your time sorting it out. Email, it is.

Why would you like to invite more emails to your crowded inbox? Well, it is kind of amazing what type of curated content you can invite to your inbox on a daily basis, for free.

It can bring you the fitness news, the girl news, or the real news. Top it up with occassional freebies, and try to explain me, why I wouldn’t let these to arrive.

Dose describes itself as ‘a pleasure seeker’s guite to wellness’. It tells you what is the studio to hang out right now, what king od fitness graze is the thing right now and how you can spice up your mocktails. Occasional freebies – I scored some posh spinning classes.

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Welltodo is global wellness news. Like Business of Fashion, but no paywalls. If you have any interest to the business side of wellness, highly recommended.

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Emerald Street is newsletter by the Stylist, the premium weekly free women’s magazine. Includes promotional news, but gives you tips for that London life and includes link to external, interesting real news.

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SheerLuxe sends every morning seriously usefull ‘The Brief’ and afternoons less usefull (read = mostly promotional) LuxeMail from Sheerlux. The first keeps you up to date about weather, news from UK and around the world, the latter about Behind the Scenes of a Zara Fashion Shoot, healthy recipies and make up tips. There isn’t a fully free lunch…

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52 insights makes you smarter. One interview per week with someone who is really good at something. Can be just anything, so expand your mind.

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The SkimmThe Skimm is THE CLASSIC and mother of all female news newsletters. US viewpoint, but I love to read this just to see the US point of view. Arrives for lunch.

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